75+ Fantastic Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover Decor Ideas

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Farmhouse dining room decor ideas can be pretty traditional or modern, depending on what you prefer more. Talking about the classic version, farmhouse decor ideas commonly feature natural wood accents, apron sinks, vintage furniture items, and traditional fabrics. Today, you can invite the farmhouse style and still get the modern scent of it. But how can we make it?

Generally, modern farmhouse designs feature comfortable units in the room and it emphasizes relaxing vibe without going out of style. Neutral color schemes, glossy accents, and smooth lines would be another thing you will notice in this style.

Also, modern farmhouse style commonly utilizes contemporary elements like sleek lighting, granite countertops, and appliances made of steel. The farmhouse dining room decor can be started by giving some industrial and modern touches. For example, you can ditch apron sink into a stainless-steel sink.

Metal objects would be suitable in this scheme while personalized lighting fixtures would be appropriate. Mix and match a teak dining set with mid-century modern dining chairs will make you nail the style.
Something that might not change from the traditional style is the natural element in the room. It is advised to stick to natural materials because this is like the soul of the style. For example, you can still use distressed wood for dining chairs or architectural features in your dining room.

Other natural elements that may feel right for this scene include natural stone, wicker, rattan sisal, and cotton. Feel free to mix and match the materials but still sticks into the streamlined and simple lines.
In this case, you can mix and match furniture pieces as well. It is highly recommended to mix vintage furniture pieces with new items that will draw the authenticity in the room. Mixing wood and stainless steel is also one of the keys to modern farmhouse dining room ideas.

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