70+ Comfy Farmhouse Living Room Inspirations

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A farmhouse living room is never going out of style. On the other hand, its classic sense makes your living room looks timeless and trendy at the same time. Generally, you can start with barn doors and shiplap but of course, the farmhouse style is more than that. And we have some tips you can follow to remodel your living room with a farmhouse style.

As we have mentioned earlier, shiplap is a must when it comes to farmhouse styles. It is even a huge design trend for years. Shiplap turns into a perfect backdrop with its wide planks and clean lines that will reflect a modern sense in the living room. Neutral furnishings will create a nice look with a plaster fireplace in the living room.

The other thing that you better not skip in the farmhouse living room is sliding barn doors. Those allow you to have a modern eclectic look in your living room. The finish is up to you but putting caramel stain to the doors will be a warm contrast for all-white living room schemes. To balance the caramel barn doors, you can put a stitched-leather chair so the color scheme will flow continuously in the room.

Your living room would not feel farmhouse enough without farmhouse furniture items. In the end, if you mix some traditional furniture items like country and rock ‘n roll, you will get the eclectic-mix vibe. Also, if you have a guitar, banjo, or even classic piano, you should put it there as long as the room can accommodate the size.

Adding a patterned rug will create another eclecticism in the room and we recommend you to choose vibrant colors that will brighten up the whole room. Generally, a farmhouse-style should feel natural and neutral. A little bit of this and that will create a unique farmhouse living room.

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