65 Beautiful Bathroom Storage Shelves Organization Ideas

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The bathroom is a private room for everyone. There is much research found out that the bathroom can be a place to relax. Some people agree that this room can inspire them to start the day.

No wonder that a lot of people want the bathroom spacious to do those activities. You can create your bathroom to be more spacious by arranging and placing the amenities, towels, and many more on the shelves. But, these shelves can eat more space in your bathroom.

There are many bathroom storage shelves ideas that you can get inspired. You can create a shelve and a display at once for your bathroom. Start the design of the bathroom storage shelves with the repurposed items in your house.

If you have the wooden ladder, you can use it to keep the towels. In spite of placing them in a cabinet, you can hang them on the ladder. The first thing you do is to color the ladder based on your likes. It will give you the new look of the storage.

Keeping the amenities will be more effective when you use the wall-planted storage shelve. You can cover it with the paintings or drawings, even only with a layer of cloth. If you want the bathroom to look a Boho style, you can choose the printed flowing cloth to cover it. Make sure that you have enough planks onto the shelve to place the needs of bathing.

Another bathroom storage shelves ideas can be placing the small wire bucket on the washing sink. You can put the family mug set or other unique things to place your toothbrush and the soap. This bucket can be both a storage and a display for your bathroom.

You can place a tiny flower pot with the colorful flowers in it. You can get a refreshing look for your bathroom. This kind of room can be your favorite place to let your brain and body relaxed.

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