45+ Gorgeous Small Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

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If you live in a suburban area, your backyard is probably narrow or something like that. You or your wife probably still want to make it useful of this little area into a lovely and beautiful place. About how to make use of it is by making yourself a small backyard garden. There’s a saying that grasses in neighbor’s lawn are greener than ours, so make yours greener than them.

Since you only have a small space in the backyard, it is your best advantage. Having a small space means maintaining it is a simple job. As you can see, a small house can look more beautiful than a bigger one. Yes, minimalist is the correct choice for small things.

As a start of backyard garden ideas, planting flowers right below the house wall is the perfect start. It will be more beautiful if you install hanging pots too. Another choice, planting flowers below fences can do the work. However, it can be risky if the fences are not strong enough, especially during harsh weather like a rainstorm. But, if the fences are made out of something hard such as brick stones, it will be fine.

You might want to consider yourself to plant some container pots. Container pots are different than usual pots. If a pot for a single plant, then in a single container is for planting many kinds of different plants. The most suitable container is a brown ceramic planted along with purple plants. Apparently, bees love purple plants, so your garden will look beautiful and healthy.

The house wall or fence in the backyard garden should be painted in white if you want to apply a minimalist theme. As additional information, white is one of the neutral colors, which will give an impression of a spacious place. So, it is the best color for a small area.

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