35+ Intelgent Mantel Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is one of the best days of your life. Thanksgiving is related to pumpkins, candles, and also whimsical accents for your mantel. These mantels can represent the season. However, this is why many people try to make a mantel decoration so that they can do their best thanksgiving days. However, how to make the best mantel? Here is the information you should know.

The first step to making the best mantel for thanksgiving is you can go too minimalist. For example, you can try to spray green and also gold fall leaves and also a candle to make it amazed. To set up your amazing mantel, you can go to simple and uncluttered. Beside it, you can use colorful flowers to represent the season for thanksgiving.

The next for making mantel decoration ideas is to choose a farmhouse style. Farmhouse style is one of the best styles for thanksgiving you can choose. This will combine the traditional and modern style for your thanksgiving. When you decorate it, you can try to go simple but interesting. For example, you can spray berries smell in your room. So, it will help you to make the amazing thanksgiving day.

The next one is you can use leaf garland. Have you ever heard of it before? Leaf garland is one of the styles you can choose for making mantel decoration ideas. When you want to make it, you can put the garland and also the leaves together so it will help you to find the best mantel decorating ideas for your home.

The last is to go to a rustic cottage. Rustic cottage means that you have to arrange some vases and also provides a simple display in your room. Beside it, you can choose two color vases to get a good color for thanksgiving. These ideas become one of the best mantel decoration ideas you can choose for your thanksgiving day.

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