35+ Best Modern Interior Design For Open Space in Your Home

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In old times, houses were built with separating walls and doors as it was believed that different areas in the house serve a different function. The kitchen was separated from the dining room because of the formal vibe that the dining room should have. Until the times that modern interior design started to see open space in homes as one way to design a house in limited square footage.

Nowadays the open space design is viewed as a way to gain more convenience as well as still considering the economical factor. Modern interior design opens space from the kitchen to the living room, for example, it is possible for parents to prepare dinner while watching the kids play and paying attention to what’s happening on the news.

Open space is becoming a more and more popular concept in modern interior design for the benefits it gives. This concept can certainly make a limited or small space feel larger and brighter. Imagine how a small apartment with a small kitchen without the window can be transformed into a brighter and breathable space using an island or table to replace the wall. By doing this, you can have a chat with your dinner guests while still preparing your dinner. If you have kids, you can cook them a meal while helping them with homework, the homework is done, the dinner is ready, what win-win solutions.

To substitute the wall as the separator, try using furniture and lighting to define different functions and spaces. Furniture like sofa and table can be placed to signify the start of the living room apart from the kitchen. To differentiate the dining room from the living room, put a chandelier in the dining room while ceiling fan in the center of the living room. In modern interior design, it will be easy to define each room as the modern design will include clean-cut and sleek design, especially for the furniture.

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