34+ Comfortable Chic Farmhouse Living Room Design Ideas

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A farmhouse style is a home design that offers the warmness of a family. This kind of farmhouse style can be mixed with other forms of interior designs. Here are the farmhouse living room ideas.

Since the living room is the favorite spot to hang out with family, the decoration of the room can add the homey vibes. The farmhouse design can be an option to decorate the living room.

This farmhouse living room can be incorporated with the modern style. It would give you an appealing option.

The barn doors will not be neglected from the modern concept of farmhouse style. This kind of door is the typical item to bring the vibes of a farmhouse in your living room. What you need to concern is the size of the barn door. Make sure that this door is not oversize in your living room.

The style of the farmhouse living room is not always related to the rustic look. You can adapt the concept of a farmhouse open living room in your indoor living room. You can apply the glass-paned wall to get the outdoor view from the room. The comfortable furnishing with the industrial light fixtures can bring the modern look into it.

But, you can still be in a farmhouse living room with the shiplap decoration that is set up vertically in one of the walls in the room. Besides, the shiplap decoration can give you the feeling of not over-the-top.

You can create a chic farmhouse living room by using the rugs, which are put on the sofas. The chic clothes can cover cushions. The clean coffee table with the dusty-pink flourish table runner will bring the vibes besides it is appealing to eyes.

The farmhouse living room can be taken from the reclaimed wood ceiling. You can design your ceiling using this wood and expose the stones on the wall. It would be a simple decoration and give you a modern look of the living room.

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