33+ Awesome Rain Park Design Ideas For Beautiful Garden

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Do you live in a city-suburban area? I think I know what your problem is. Yes, water in every place after the rains stopped. It will take a lot of time to clean those water. Also, that stormwater will contain more pollutants if they just wasted like that. So, here’s my solution, we are going to make a rain park garden.

What is a rain garden? A rain garden is a place in the lawn that functions to collect stormwater from rain or snow by letting it be absorbed into plants instead of wasted on drain systems like the sewer. A rain garden is suitable for a small or big area space. So, it is a perfect choice for anyone who lives in a suburban area.

The rain garden’s other functions are various. It can maintain the natural cycle of water, avoid floods, and protect local lakes or rivers and creatures who live in it by reducing pollutants. The rain garden can also restore or recharge the groundwater system.

Plants that are suitable for a rain garden are plants that are able to tolerate wet and dry conditions. So, what you will need is more than one kind of plant to make it work. The best suggestion for this is flowers, grasses, shrubs, and ferns combination. Native plants such as Spotted Joe-pyeweed, Black-eyed Susan, Prairie smoke, Ironweed, and Butterfly milkweed will do a well-job for a rain garden. Just don’t forget about other kinds of plants like shrubs, grasses, and ferns.

First, you need to dig for over 85 centimeters depth. And then, you need to soil it with rain garden soil mix. Rain garden soil mix is a special kind of soil if you want to build a rain garden park design. Finally, you can start to plant a container of plants, but you shouldn’t plant them too deep into the soil.

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