22 Gorgeous Small Keeping Room with Fireplace Ideas For More Fun Live

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The keeping room is a traditional room which was carried to America in the 18th century. It can be meant as the family room. This keeping room can be the warmest room of the house since the family members assemble in this room waiting for a mealtime.

Since many years ago, the keeping room is close to the kitchen area. It can serve a multitude of activities while waiting for the meals ready. You can do your cooking preparation in the room, as well as the sewing activities. Here are the keeping room ideas.

The keeping room is typically furnished with a comfy couch. The function of the couch is as a place you and your family accomplish tasks like writing letters or just babysitting. In the winter, people seek the warmth of the keeping room since, in this room, there is a fireplace. And this tradition still exists in rural families, especially in the South area.

Fireplaces can be the focal point of storage space ideas because you can decorate them into something beautiful. Goodbye to the old-fashioned fireplace. But, it doesn’t mean that old-fashioned is not attractive. For some people, they prefer the old-fashion look of the fireplace due to the ever-lasting look of the tradition.

If you like it, you use the unfinished fireplace and expose the rustic bricks. You can hang the unique decoration on the wall of the fireplace. Or, just put down your family photos on it. They would give you a warmer vibe in the keeping room.

You can grab the rug sofas around the fireplace to hang out with your family. The rug sofas can be one of the keeping room ideas which serve you the homey feeling. If you do not avoid the ash and smoke from the fireplace, you can use the faux fireplace, which offers you the look but not the smoke and ash.

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