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Having an awesome home design is certainly everyone’s dream. Not surprisingly, many people hire the services of architects in determining the design of a residential house before it was built. There are many reasons why people entrust the model and design of residence that they will occupy to people like this, one of them is certainly the expertise they have in which their main job is to do such things. Among the parties offering the service, one of them is the reed group.

It is not just arbitrary why they are trusted in terms of handling the affairs of designing the residence of a house that will be occupied. The reason is, they have already done that to several clients who use reed group services. And one of the results of the work they do in this case is the design model of the residence of Vail Ski Haus.

This residence, if you look, is very good and very interesting. This residence combines the concepts of simplicity and classic, but is clad with modern contemporary. This residence is also placed in a mountainous area, where this area is also often used as a place for skiing on snow.

Because of this existence, in the concept of residence created by them it adjusts to the state of the environment around the residence. As already mentioned, because the area of this residence will be the place where the snow is located, most of the color themes of the furniture can not be separated from white as the main color. As for other furniture such as walls, for example, it uses wood and brownish colors to combine it with a more natural feel.

With the results of reed group work like this, of course, there is no doubt if we plan to use the services of the architectural process in designing a building that we will occupy later. With good and satisfying previous work, it could be that the next time is better and satisfying than before.

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